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About AlKoutab

Who are we?

Alkoutab is a state-accredited preschool focused on the education and development of the child and the nurturement of the mind.

Professionnels education

Also, it's a school dedicated to students who want to excel in their academic and professional careers. And develop their knowledge in various subjects.

Modern pedagogy

Our programs follow modern teaching methods. And use all the necessary tools to obtain the best results.

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Our Services

Our goal is to provide to our students a great learning experience. by introducing modern methods and an interactive teaching system, which allow them to be more efficient and focused in reaching their goals.

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We offer communication courses, going from the ABCs of a language to more advanced levels. We provide step-by-step progress toward speaking a language fluently.

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Our program offers a variety of fields of studying in computer science, allowing everybody to learn and add value to their skillset.

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We provide time and space for our students to have fun, so they can express themselves and let their imagination blossom, and help develop their curiosity.

Our Courses

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Kids' Dev


Introductory programming course for children; designed to be fun and enjoyable, as well as practical. The program includes Scratch, xLogo and p5.js

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Juniors' Dev


Elementary programming course for young students and IT beginners, permitting them to build professional knowledge. The program includes HTML, CSS, JavaScript and PHP

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Kids' English


Communication course for kids, meant to help them express their ideas freely, and have a better understanding of the English language. The program includes Reading, Vocabulary, Grammar, Creative Writing

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